May Day in St. Louis

You guys, it became May today. So, rather than wallowing in our own “where did April go” sorrow, let’s get happy about May! Today is May 1st, which is May Day. Do you know about May Day? May Day is a reason to celebrate Spring. That’s all we need to know about that.

So, in honor of May Day we rounded up a few things you can do to celebrate:

1. Make cupcakes:

The Cupcake Project-May-Day-Cupcakes-01-428x642Did you know we (St. Louis) had a cupcake blogger with a serious following out there talking about cupcakes and St. Louis and what-not? Well, we do and her name is Stefani Pollack and she shows us how to top cupcakes May Day style here!

(photo courtesy of

BTW, Happy Birthday Stefani!

2. Revamp your porch:

101907760.jpg.rendition.largestNothing says welcome like a brightly colored porch-scape. Is porch-scape a word? We think it is! Use this special holiday to gather some ideas for a refreshed porch. Whether it is checking St. Louis Craigslist for old furniture to be made new again, spending some time roaming the gardening isle of your local shop for the prettiest flowers, or browsing the web for ideas you will be on your way to a pretty porch! Happy May Day to you!

(photo courtesy of BHG)

3. Hit the patio:

courtyardThe weather in St. Louis has been on baby bump watch ever since April became the new February. It seems that May will start no different as the temps will drop starting tomorrow and the weather’s mood roller coaster will rage on.  But today, it is May 1st and it is sunny with a high of 82, so get your ass to the patio. Of a bar, a restaurant, a friend’s house… it doesn’t matter as long as you are outside and sitting down. Preferably with a drink and some dip. Do you need a permit? Print this out and tell your friends you must.

(Photo courtesy of scapestl)

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